Book A Trip Through Alaska Guide Collective


Step 1.  Contact Nick, Elliot or Joe to discuss your trip.

Step 2.  Receive a trip proposal outlining the trip details. 

Step 3.  Make payment. 

Options include using the PayPal link below, a US check written to "Alaska Guide Collective LLC," sent to your guide, or a wire transfer. 

Add Payment Amount

Step 4.  Complete one application per person.

Step 5.  Complete one waiver per person.

Digital preferred. Printed, signed and scanned is also okay. 

  • Open and download waiver

  • Read waiver

  • Type your full name at top, initial bottom of each page and sign bottom and date.

  • Save waiver as .pdf

  • Email waiver to guide

After receiving your application, waiver and payment, your guide will send you an email confirmation. Continue trip contact with your guide.


Thank you from the AGC team!