Book A Trip Through Alaska Guide Collective


Step 1.  Contact Nick, Elliot or Joe to discuss your trip.

Step 2.  Receive a trip proposal outlining the trip details. 

Step 3.  Make payment. 

Options include using the PayPal link below, a US check written to "Alaska Guide Collective LLC," sent to your guide, or a wire transfer. 

Add Payment Amount

Step 4.  Complete one application per person.

Step 5.  Complete one waiver per person.

Digital preferred. Printed, signed and scanned is also okay. 

  • Open and download waiver

  • Read waiver

  • Type your full name at top, initial bottom of each page and sign bottom and date.

  • Save waiver as .pdf

  • Email waiver to guide

Step 6. Continue trip contact with your guide.


Thank you from the AGC team!