Guest Guide Page

Thank you for your interest in guest guiding with Alaska Guide Collective LLC. Below is some important information for that program. Please give us a call if you need any clarification.

2019/20 Requirements for Guest Guides

  • Certified in the discipline they are guiding.

  • Participating in AGC’s guest guide program is at the discretion of all AGC owners.

  • Follow the registration process below

Step 1. Set up the program with your AGC contact.

a) Discuss the Trip: Make sure AGC is permitted for that region and there are enough user days.

b) Discuss Pricing:

  • AGC fees for guest guiding: $100 per client per day.

  • AGC guest guide day wage: $200 per day as an employee of AGC

  • You charge anything at or above our website advertised rates, you keep the rest.

  • You pay AGC your day rate plus the AGC fees:

c) Pay AGC: Send a single check written out to Alaska Guide Collective LLC.

Step 2. Complete employee paperwork and send it to your AGC contact. Documents that we require from the guest guide include:

  • W-4 Form

  • I-9 Form

  • WFR/CPR certification

  • Highest avalanche training certificate

  • Highest AMGA certification or course completion and current AMGA membership card.

  • Your emergency contact

  • Signed Guest Guides Document

Step 3. All client communication will be handled by the Guest Guide

  • Communication with clients is the responsibility of the guest guide. Clients should not contact AGC owners. AGC owner are there to help the guest guide with the AGC booking process

  • Guide is required to submit a Trip Proposal outlining the dates, price and cost. includes/does not include. This is your contract with the clients and minimizes confusion.

Step 5. Fill out pre- and post-trip paperwork.

  • Clients submit a trip application at www. (make a live but hidden webpage that has a separate: trip app, waiver link, and cancelation policy link if using our policy.)

  • Clients are required to sign the AGC liability waiver form.

  • Clients are required to submit one trip application each.

  • Guide is required to send all clients a complete gear list for the activity.

  • Guide is required to submit signed safety briefing for file on day one of trip.

  • Guide is required to fill out the activity log upon returning from the field.

  • Paperwork is required before your trip starts and to receive your paycheck.

Step 6. Check in with an AGC owner upon trip completion.

Cancellations and Refunds

We are very flexible on this to allow you to offer flexibility to your clients if you want to. At a minimum, we must be paid for every day that you expect to be paid. Any cancellations or date changes will incur a $50 per person admin fee. We recommend that you add this in to your quote for price with the clients.


The guest guide is representing AGC. Guides should strive for professionalism in appearance and demeanor. The guest guide must be polite and respectful to everyone, even in stressful and unfair situations.

Food and Gear

It is the responsibility of the guest guide to furnish climbing and group gear (tents/stoves/ropes). All equipment is required to be in good condition and within manufactured expiration dates.

Note on Liability

We are aware that this program does place more liability on the guest guide. It is important to realize this when participating in this program. By participating in this program, you are essentially a booking agent. It is recommended that you obtain liability insurance that is designed to cover travel agents and tour operators.

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