Welcome to Alaska Guide Collective

Owned and operated by three professional mountain guides, Alaska Guide Collective LLC brings together over 40 years of guiding and teaching experience in Alaska and worldwide. The AGC mission is to support the culture of mountain craft in Alaska by connecting backcountry users with Alaska's qualified and trained mountain guides. With AGC you hire the guide directly and have a personal connection with your guide from start to finish.



Nick D'Alessio

AMGA Ski Guide

Owner of Remarkable Adventures LLC

Girdwood, Alaska


Elliot Gaddy

AMGA Assisstant Rock Guide

AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide

Anchorage, Alaska


Joe Stock

IFMGA Mountain Guide

AMGA American Mountain Guide

Anchorage, Alaska

The Importance of Guide Qualifications

Just like pilots and surgeons have undergone rigorous training and examining, you should settle for nothing less from your mountain or ski guide. A guide who has been certified by the American Mountain Guides Association has been trained and examined an international standard. The AMGA is a member of the 27-country International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations. The IFMGA is the international standard for mountain guides. You may see guides claiming 'certified,' however if they are not examined by the AMGA then you don't know what you’re getting. At the Alaska Guide Collective we believe in professional training, examining and continuing education.